Brentwood Co-op Redevelopment



Current Proposal for the Co-op Site:

In December 2016, both a Land Use Amendment (rezoning) Application and Development Permit (DP) were submitted for the Brentwood Co-op site.  The rezoning application would have redesignated the property to allow for an increase in building height up to approximately 148 meters (486 feet) and 40-storey high.

The maximum allowable height in the ARP is 90 meters and 25 storeys, so this proposal greatly exceeded these limits.  It would have required an amendment by City Council.  After much opposition to the plans, a revised plan was presented to the Brentwood Community Association in July 2017.

This current plan now includes:

  • a 31-storey building with a Co-op at the base and commercial, office and residential units (116 meters high)
  • a 23 storey multi-residential unit
  • a 12-storey (terraced) multi-family development with retail and consumer services
  • a 5-storey office, liquor store, financial institution and health services laboratory building with a Wendy’s drive-through in the base
  • a convenience store
  • a Co-op gas bar / service station

Since the ARP includes a maximum height of 90 meters or 25 storeys, the proposed 116-meter height of the building still represents a 26 meter (about 85 feet) increase over the maximum allowable height.

Development Permit Details:

Address:  4122 Brentwood Road N.W. (the existing Co-op site)
Application #:  LOC2016-0328 and DP2016-5143
Application Type:  Change of Land Use and concurrent DP
Land Use Redesignation:  from C-COR2 f1.0 h12 to Direct Control based on C-COR1 designation.

Contact Information: 

Senior Planner:  Peter Schryvers, peter.schryvers@calgary.
File Manager:  Steve Jones,
City of Calgary document circulation controller:
Ward 7 Councillor:  Druh Farrell c/o Dale Calkins
Brentwood Community Association:

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What’s new

The What We Heard report summarizing feedback from our in-person and online engagement opportunities in August, is now available online for you to review.  Overall we had 525 people participate and 1486 ideas and comments generated in this stage of engagement, which consisted of a variety of activities including:

  • a community sounding board
  • a pop-up event
  • an open house
  • an online survey
  • and paper comment forms

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What is involved in the Brentwood Co-op Application?
In December 2016, The City of Calgary received a land use application and a development permit from Quarry Bay Investments to rezone the Brentwood Co-op site.

What is being proposed?
The rezoning would facilitate a mixed-use development including a new Co-op grocery store, multi-residential buildings, office and retail space.

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Brentwood Community Association (“BCA”) Response to the current Co-op Development Proposal

The BCA submitted a formal response to the DP on September 4, 2017.  This response included the feedback we heard from area residents after an open house was held in August.

The City of Calgary, area residents and the Brentwood CA reviewed the original plans and identified numerous concerns, including:

  • Pedestrian connectivity (an improved journey through the site)
  • Development fit (concern that the new development will not be visually appealing and will be too high for the site)
  • Vibrant gathering spaces (a lack of local, small-scaled businesses and vibrant places to gather)
  • Road alignment (the lack of a commercial main street through the site and a road along Blakiston Park instead)
  • Station ARP Area Redevelopment Plan: (The proposal does not comply with the ARP so amendments would have to be made for heights and road alignments.)

For policies that determine what can be built on the Co-op site, please click on the link below.