Northland Village Mall


The master plan will be constructed in stages to allow for operations to continue in the existing centre throughout construction.  Full build-out is expected over many years.

Further information:
For a look at some proposed designs, this is the website of the architect and design firm dialog.

Key Dates:
March 2016 — The redevelopment plan for the mall was approved by city council.  Plans include 65 residential units as part of a mixed-use complex with retail and office space.  Initial plans included a Whole Foods Market.

October 2016 – Whole Foods Market, which had planned to open a store at Northland Village, terminated the lease.


Daily Fresh Produce Market at Northland Mall.  Approved Mar 4, 2019.  Permit pending release.  Appeals to SDAB Mar 14 to Apr 4, 2019.

DTC has no objections.

Temporary Use: Child Care Service (outdoor play area out of shipping containers.  Approved Mar 6, 2019  Appeals to SDAB Mar 14 to Apr 4, 2019.

The existing A & W has applied for a Development Permit.

Please see Current Development for A & W information.

September 2017 – The existing McDonald’s is torn down as well as the parking lot around the McDonald’s.  Construction of the new McDonald’s is ongoing.