Current Developments

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Current Developments

3344 Barr Rd NW


This is an application for a secondary suite.

All comments are due by Oct 11, 2018.


2903 Brentwood Rd NW


This is an application for a secondary suite.

All comments are due by Oct 12, 2018.


4820 Northland Drive  NW


This is an application for a Cannabis Store.

All comments are due by  September 25, 2018.


5116 Shaganappi Trail NW

DP2016-3041 sheet 14 DP110 and DP2015-2676 sheet DP1.01a.

The below drawings are revisions to the previous landscaping at Northland Mall.

4122 Brentwood Rd NW


This is an application is for a Change of Use for a Cannabis Store at the Brentwood Coop.

All comments are due by May 26, 2018.


Brentwood Cannabis Update

The Brentwood Community Association has been receiving many comments and questions about cannabis Development Permit applications in our neighbourhood.

What is the deadline for submitting comments on the Brentwood applications?

–          June 15.  (We requested an extension for comments on all files, so this is the new date that supercedes all the info on individual files.)

–          Please submit any comments to the BCA at by June 15.  The members of the DTC will consolidate all letters into a submission for each application and will ensure that all letters are passed on to the file manager and the Planning Department.

–          Also cc our Councillor Sean Chu @

This mail is being sent out to all Brentwood CA members as well as those residents who have signed up for email updates with the Development and Transportation Committee.  If you have friends or neighbours who do not use email, please feel free to pass this on to them as well.

How do I find out about possible DP applications in my neighbourhood?

–          The City of Calgary posts a notice board in front of the property where an application has been submitted

–          The City of Calgary places an ad in the Herald every Thursday showing the DP applications by neighbourhood

–          The City of Calgary lists DP applications on its website:

–          In addition, the Development and Transporation Committee has created a website for DP postings:

–          The DTC also delivers Neighbour Notifications to properties immediately adjacent to a DP application as a courtesy to those residents.

–          Finally, join the BCA and you will be added to the mailing list.

Click here for more Information on Cannabis.

1330 Northmount Dr.NW


This is an application for a Cannabis Store.

All comments are due by June 7, 2018.


1343 Northmount Dr. NW


This is an application for a Cannabis Store.

All comments are due by June 13, 2018.


4820 Northland Dr. NW


This is an application for a new Restaurant.

All comments are due by May 14, 2018.


Brentwood Co-op Redevelopment

In December 2016, both a Land Use Amendment (rezoning) Application and Development Permit (DP) were submitted for the Brentwood Co-op site. The rezoning application would have redesignated the property to allow for an increase in building height up to approximately 148 meters (486 feet) and 40-storey high.

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Northmount Drive Improvement Project Phase 1

Phase 1 for the bike lanes has begun along Northmount Drive.  Phase 1 involved repaving and roadwork around 14th Street, but also the installation of 10 yellow curb extensions along the corridor on the North and South side of Northmount Drive (see details below).

The curb extensions were intended to make pedestrian crossings safer, especially around 34th street (beside Captain John Palliser School).

However, the current placement of the curb extensions has caused some concern for cyclists.  Cyclists are not able to safely ride between the extension and the road curb so they have to ride around the extensions, very close to vehicles travelling on Northmount Drive.  Two near-misses with vehicles on the road have been reported to us.

The curb extensions are temporary until the full completion of the bike lanes along Northmount.  While the extensions appear safer for pedestrians, there are concerns that they increase the risk for cyclists who now have to ride closer to traffic.

The DTC is in contact with the City of Calgary about this issue.

We are open to resident comments.  What have you seen or experienced since the curb extensions were installed?

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1344 / 1348 Northmount Drive N.W.


The project is a 3-storey building with retail and office space (non residential).

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5111 Northland Drive NW


Northland Village Mall will be redeveloped as a multi-leveled, outdoor mixed-use that combines a retail base with a mixture of residential and office uses.

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Riocan and Boardwalk Residential Apartment Tower at Brentwood Village Shopping Centre


The project will be an 11-storey residential tower with approximately 165 rental apartment units.

Date Submitted:  December 20, 2016
Date Approved:  August 25, 2017.  Permit pending release when conditions of approval have been met.

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