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Here you’ll be able to find the latest information about developments in the Brentwood community.


A new website for the Development and Transportation Committee

The community of Brentwood is currently experiencing a large volume of Development Permits (DPs) for both small and large new development projects.  Due to the scale and number of projects planned for Brentwood, we felt that our community and the voices of the residents needed representation when dealing with the City of Calgary and project developers.  We have seen a strong interest and concerns from Brentwood residents and surrounding communities on some of the DPs and felt that we needed to keep everyone updated on the process and progress of these potential developments.

This Development site will provide information on current, existing and new DPs and other pertinent information to the residents of Brentwood.  It will also allow you to provide your comments and concerns.

For big projects like the Brentwood Co-op development, as one example, we will provide updates on the Development site and all communication and correspondence that we have with the City of Calgary about our concerns with that project.

Please keep visiting this site to check for updates and new postings.

Community Development Guidelines: Values and Vision

In spring 2017, the Brentwood Community Association (BCA) established a Development and Transportation Committee (DTC) in response to the increasing number of significant development proposals planned for the Brentwood community.

The DTC in turn established a sub-committee to develop, in consultation with Brentwood residents, this set of values and criteria which will help the BCA respond to development initiatives.  The draft has also been prepared in consultation with the Federation of Calgary Communities.

The following guidelines are consistent with City of Calgary policies and the Land Use Bylaw, but are more specific to our community and its unique character. This is not intended to be a legal document but rather one that will assist the BCA in responding to development proposals which are forwarded to the Association for comment and assessment by the City of Calgary.

At this stage the Brentwood Community Association would welcome comments, questions and suggestions from community residents.

How would you, as residents, like to see your community respond to significant redevelopments, ranging from commercial, retail, and residential towers in the LRT transportation corridor to secondary suites, infills, and transportation challenges?

Suggestions and comments should be submitted to the BCA.

  • Electronic submissions should be emailed to brntwdca@telus.net
  • Written comments can be dropped off at the BCA office.
Click here for BCA Guideline